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About Me

Water color is like a flow of energy and life to me. To me it is a form of self discipline and celebration at the same time. Controlling the flow of water makes itself a complete guide to self discipline and focus. I am a self taught artist with a passion for water colors. Born in India, I was always attracted to the beauty of vibrant colors and deep hues of the cultural festivals. At the age of five I started drawing freehand looking at various story book pictures. Luckily I was born in a very supportive family. They provided me with all the materials I wanted to explore and never forgot to compliment me on my work, which further motivated me and built in me the confidence to continue. In High School I received certificate of excellence in painting exam. In 2011 I graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories Design. Even in college I would find ways to use water colors. Whether it be taking out time for painting in holidays or rendering my jewellery designs in water color itself. One thing that never left me was water colors. After getting married I moved to USA. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the country. Visiting places like Smoky Mountains and New Hampshire made me connect to my soul to a much deeper level. With the help of my extremely supportive husband my passion for the medium grew even more. Currently pursuing Graduate Gemologist program from Gemological Institute of America, I continue to practice in the medium. Painting is a new learning each day and I hold a vision of becoming a realistic water color artist one day.

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